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Our refined manufacturing technology is our thoughts for a human health.

GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) in 1988 follows that we got a right to bid which we can use in the U.S and New York City. Wefve passed through the audit of F.D.A (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) several times since then. We rebuilt our quality control system and wefve obtained ISO 9001 certification.

Our developing and manufacturing system forms a confidence.

Developing an original production machineries is requisite for manufacturing high quality products. We develop and produce most of our production machineries without outsourcing. Wefve kept manufacturing stable medical products and improved our technology better and better. Also, wefve produced a syringe for environmental measurement

The TSUBASAfs excellent quality is approved in the world.

The number of manufacture of glass syringe decrease worldwide in the situation that plastic syringes are getting common, wefre still required to supply our products from around the world such as the U.S.A under such circumstance, it is because our good quality products are appreciated. We do business with over 20 countries from all over the world at the moment. Wefll keep not only producing high quality glass syringe but keep up efforts of making it happen our motto gharmony with the environment and peopleh.


We have been manufacturing glass syringes for 80 years. We have been supplying the high quality medical devices which can be used at the medical scene safely. In the meantime, Japan became a country where many people live to an advanced age. We hope we also could contribute to human health. We will keep effort for manufacturing the reliable medical devise on the groundwork of our experiences of technical development.

Keisuke Hane, President